I am a landlord and I am probably going to be breaking the law this year without even knowing it! Since april 4th this year I have been required to lodge planning permission for change of use on every residential property which is occupied by 3 or more "households". In effect this means that I have to employ architects and pay councils fortunes in houses where a third "household" may appear(a boyfriend moves in temporarily, a lodger is taken in, friends come for a long stay). A household can be one person! Therefore three unrelated people living in a two bed house will require a change of use application! Its just insane! I cannot police this, neither can the council! It is completely unworkable nannying!

Tenants aren't helpless hopeless or utterly brainless and tend not to want to live in overcrowded houses anyway, if I "make" them ( how does a landlord "make" a tenant live in overcrowded property by the way?) environmental health departments have a range of powers they can use against me.

A useless, unworkable,invasive, nanny Law which needs reversing.

Why is this idea important?

It is important to repeal this stupid legislation as landlords cannot micromanage properties as the law requires, councils cannot audit it as the law requires and landlords are put in an untenable position where they are possibly breaking the law without even knowing it. Consider this, two people renting a three bed house from me move in a friend to help pay the rent, I the landlord am  now breaking the law!

I won't ever be told by the tenant. Of course if I do find out, I can always evict them, I will still be breaking the law while I do so though!

I have four bed houses occupied by one group of friends, when they move out I cannot let to the same party again unless the house is set out as an HMO!

I cannot see what purpose the law serves, other than to overprovide ceratinty that there isn't overcrowding in residential properties. In most cases of overcrowding, however, it is at the expense of the landlord and is usually driven by the tenants looking to cheapen the costs! The landlord is rarely the cause, so why oblige him to take out costly and expensive planning permission, for an event he will play no part in?

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