Remove (or increase) the parking space restrictions introduced by the last government for new houses and workplaces  – these state that each new development can only have 1.5 car parking spaces per dwelling and at work there must be fewer carparking spaces than the number of employees, in a ratio of about 2 spaces per 5 employees

This means that people who work in the community (midwives, occupational therapists, health visitors etc. ) cannot find parking spaces when they return to the office from visiting a client. Thus wasting enormous amounts of time and causing inefficiencies.

Why is this idea important?

Due to the last govenment imposing a reduction of allocated parking spaces at work (especially for government/NHS employees) staff now waste valuable time trying to find parking spaces at their place of work. Staff who work in the community or visit other sites for meetings during the day, find they cannot park back at their own office due to the deliberate policy of restricting available staff parking spaces, introduced by the last government. Some employees have to park 20 minutes walk away from their office when returning from a work visit.

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