The UK is in Europe, therefore it makes sense for us to join the single currency of the Euro and to forge closer ties with the European Union. It would boost our economy and if we had joined the Euro in the first place, we might have been bailed out by the EU instead of struggling on our own. I find it utterly strange that this current government try to follow the USA in everything instead of concentrating on our own country and its continent, because it makes no sense whatsoever and the USA has their own agenda in the world.

I am not saying that we should sever ties with the USA completely, but it makes us all look foolish on the world stage and I am stating this from experience. As someone who has travelled all over the world and lived in a couple of countries, a lot of people from overseas think that the UK is acting like a sheep in some respects and it cannot do well for public relations in this modern era.

It is about time that we started to consider looking to the long term instead of short term "quick fixes" and joining the Euro would help us tremendously.  There is a lot of negative press surrounding the Euro, but facts speak for themselves.

Why is this idea important?

Because it will ensure the future of the UK's children and the generations to come. It might even bring us closer together with Europe, if we were in the continent of North America then yes, we should be closer to those countries in that continent. Since we are in Europe, it seems strange that we do not form closer ties with those countries inside this continent.

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