Since I was a child I have enjoyed listening to and exploring "steam" radio and do not see any point to changing things so that we will no longer be able to listen to the BBC and local radio unless we buy very expensive DAB radios.

I would be forced to only be able to listen to CD's in my car and would have to buy expensive equipment in order to listen on my hifi.

From my experience of TV the sound quality is much poorer than that obtainable on UHF/VHF frequency modulation broadcasts and nothing like as reliable as the broadcasts on MW/LW amplitude modulation broadcasts.

My crystal set would also cease working after 90 years.

I cannot see the point with radio so implore everyone to join a petition to save analogue radio, for all the frequency bands to go silent would be a disaster and a waste of the investment millions of people have put in when buying good, functional radios.

Why is this idea important?

Most people would no longer be able to listen to the radio unless they use their TV or buy a new radio. Digital radio is far less reliable in areas like this (Cornwall) where deep valleys cannot receive the digital signal.

I have six radios that would no longer work, why should we be forced to throw these away when they work perfectly well with the current system?

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