I have been trading for 4 years and in the last 3 years my business rates have been enough to pay.( I live in Millom Lake District ) This next 5 years have seen seen an increase of over £5k.This is not acceptable.I have challenged this and this now all comes down to the multiplier that the Copeland council uses.I live in a small town with hardly any facilities yet I am paying more rates than a very much bigger town (Kendal).I have been told that as Copeland as no money this is why I am suffering.The town where we trade and live has not a lot of jobs so trying to survive is paramount so we do not have to put people on the dole.Nobody wants to listen to us local businessess even my local MP cannot do anything PLEASE HELP.


My next groan is VAT

As a restaurant we cannot claim VAT on any food product YET your government is happy is charge us VAT on ALL our sales.Every 1/4 I have to pay approx £4K yet if VAT was put on food we will be able to start making some form of profit. PLEASE consider some kind of help for small trademan especially those in the food trade.We opened this business to give my children a future and if things do not change they will ave to either go on the dole or work for somebody else.

Many thanks for reading this small plea


Mrs G Dicorato

Why is this idea important?

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