Dear Messrs. Prime Minister & Deputy premier et. al, Please may I be so bold as to suggest that you consider repealing the previous Govt's. burdensome and definitively 'conscience denying' legislation/statutes and replace them with a statute based on the words from the bible:

"Do unto others as you would have they should do unto you." quoted from Jesus of Nazareth, Begotten Son of God and Mary (blessed amongst all women.)

As opposed to the worldly godless (Me 'centered) humanist

"I do what I feel is best for me so long as I feel that I am not offending or hurting anyone." without true conderation or respect for the moral position of others.

Why is this idea important?

Freedom of Conscience, morality should never give way to groups within society who choose to follow choices morals that are contrary to the norm. 

No-one should physically harm or slander anyone because of faith, belief, gender, creed race etc.)

Laws should never favour one group over another.

I am certain genes may have some part to play in some circumstances but humans beings are governed by their choices.

Babies are born and moulded by their parents and society, we dont have to agree over everthing, but we should care about everyone regardless of lifestyle or their views and opinions.

Thanking u most kindly. God Bless and Guide you in your refreshing endeavours.

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