Police cautions should not show up on CRB or enhanced CRB checks after a short period of time i.e. 2/3 years.

The current system means they will show up for life.

This is extremely unfair and disappointing.

From personal circumstances, I received a police caution whilst at university for a one off offence that was totally out of character. Fast forward two years and I am having extreme difficulty in pursuing a career as a teacher.

I feel police cautions should not be included in CRB checks and Enhanced CRB checks after a short period of time, unless the crime for which the offence was commited is extremely serious i.e. sex crime. However, in this circumstance a police caution is unlikely to be administered anyway.

Why is this idea important?

My proposal is important as it will allow young people a chance to redeem themselves and not feel shame for an offence they may have commited out of stupidity in their youth. It is absoulutely shocking that police cautions show up after a long period of time. One, two or even three years after an offence has been commited is understandable but my current understanding is that is stays for 99 years. ABSOULUTELY DISPICABLE.

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