Dear All I was given a police caution for a very minor event which I cannot go into details for legal reasons. This has dramatically changed my life because although I have numerous degrees behind me it was all for nothing because it seems as if no one is interested in employing me. I am currently being treated by psychologists for depression and trauma.
However, there are many of us who were given or accepted a police caution for numerous reasons. This includes signing the form under pressure by a police officer, being given the wrong information such as the caution would be removed within a period of time (mainly 5years), or for fear of being kept in a cell for over a night. Whatever the reason may be, I am of the opinion that those who have received a police caution particular for minor offences should not be punished for the rest of their life. Though the police have the power to caution individuals, they are not judges and it is not certain that if you have gone ahead with court proceedings you would be convicted. I am sure that many of us now wished that we went ahead with court proceedings because in my case I was advised that CPS would not accept my case but now is too late. A CAUTION IS AS GOOD AS A CONVICTION. My only problem is I cannot live under this oppression of being labelled a criminal by employers and other members
of the public. I much prefer to get a prison life sentence than to live in this society being turned down jobs after jobs and having only one option of depending in benefits. As you may be aware the Protection of Freedoms Bill 2011-2012 maintains that adults with cautions will have their records kept indefinitely which is disproportionate. Therefore, I am asking those who have not got a chance to come before a judge to sign a caution Epetition at HM Government. Website is: 100.000 signatures are required for the government to consider the discussion in the parliament. Let us do something or lets us live in rejection, discrimination, and in misery for the rest of our lives for a minor mistake or choice that we have taken. Thanks

Why is this idea important?

Individuals who were cautioned by the police are left with a long life sentence without employment prospects when many of these individuals do not deserve such harsh sentences for a very minute mistake which some of this mistakes were probably made by politicians at one point in their lives. The difference is they have never got caught. Why should individuals who committed such minor offences should be given life sentence in an open society? I would rather be given prison sentences because at least in prison I have work to do and purpose to live. This society reminds me the medieval times where offenders were harshly punished for petty offences. What is the difference in our society today? To retain cautions indefinitely for petty offences is to mentally torture those who wish to move on with their lives and make a difference in society but instead many will be registered under the Mental Health Act for mental related illnesses.

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  1. How do you actually go about getting a caution removed. I my self have one but did not have a clue about it until i applied for a job and found out it was on my CBR check

  2. I have had my life ruined by accepting a caution. All I did was stop a bully in a kids play park but because I put my hands on his t shirt, I was cautioned for battery of a minor … The boy was 15 , the kids he was bullying were ages around 8. For this I am labelled a criminal for the rest of my life, but not the bully.

  3. We are human and every one makes mistake, a person being cautioned does not mean a criminal. It’s unfair to be labelled to be a criminal offence for a lifelong record. The justice system should be changed as it destroyed people’s family ,career,future. Consequently the society will be in burden. The law is to set to punish the baddies not the one who has only one off mistake. As a civilized society, it should consider the fact of the offence or mistake , giving people a chance to relive, not being labelled a lifetime. Hence , government should remove caution from crb after 2to 5years.

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