We have the most expensive police service in the world. They have every conceivable device and protection and almost every officer has their own car, or so it seems.

The cars for instance in one depot i saw were all BMW's or Mercedes, with the odd Range Rover alongside. What is wrong with other more reliable makes that are less expensive.

Why do the police have to have the flourescent jacket? Why do they all have to be individually embossed with names and numbers. All that costs a fortune.

Why do some forces have Tailors inside the HQ for uniform adjustments?

I know of a case where on a stakeout the police were cold and so had a new central heating boiler installed as the old one in the property was broken. What!!!!! what was wrong with an electric fan heater?

The police should not be in control of the their expences, their tastes are too rich. All purchases should be more centrally controlled to get the best prices. I would love to choose my new car too if someone else was paying.

Why should they be better protected and paid for patrolling quiet towns and villages than our soldiers get paid for dying every day.

Why is this idea important?

Having centrally controlled costs, run by an separatley controlled body would help to save costs. Police chief constables should be rewarded for saving taxpayers money, not these silly targets they have to acheive now. they just keep arresting the same people, hence the schoolboys being arrested for pranks.

Cheaper cars, which are more reliable, would save a lot of money.

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