If you get arrested by the police for whatever reason,once your booked in they take your photo, fingerprints and DNA sample. Then later on its proven and your cleared of the conviction and let go with out charge.  The police should take your DNA sample off there database..

    [e.g.]  They have my DNA I wasnt charged, years on and I apply for a Job that requires a CRB check,  because of my DNA on there database that could indicate that I have been in trouble with the police and convicted of a crime then I loose the chance of that job all for wrongly kept information being held on there database.

Keep the DNA samples of convicted criminals remove the DNA samples of innocent people

Why is this idea important?

My idea is important because why should the police keep DNA samples from innocent people that have never been charged with an offense before.  The DNA samples do solve crimes and thats why they should keep convicted criminals DNA samples on there database just incase they offend again,  but why keep innocent peoples is this incase they just might offend. It states innocent until proven guilty but by keeping the innocent peoples DNA samples this states your guilty.

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