I see little point in passing a multitude of new laws. How can police officers respond? – I'm sure that they don't carry round a crib sheet which has to be updated after every parliamentary session! Some simple examples from the motoring world. Has the motorway speed limit been increased? – who is monitoring and apprehending the majority of car drivers who persistently drive faster than 70m.p.h.? Let's have some well-publicised prosecutions. Why did we bother with a law banning the use of mobile telephones while driving? –  has anyone ever been prosecuted? I thought pavements were for pedestrians, pushchairs, wheelchairs – obviously there are many selfish and irresponsible drivers who think that pavements are parking spaces and others that like to park so that your view of oncoming traffic is blocked. Some short sharp shocks by P.C.S..O. 's would deal with this.

All serving police officers should be out and about enforcing the law not administrating!

Why is this idea important?

I believe that a well-structured community is based around sensible and well-maintained law and order. There are benefits to the N.H.S. (fewer people needing emergency attention), education (students attending school and being attentive when there), economy (money being where it should be and not in criminal hands), more community harmony if there is conformity and consistency of application etc.

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