these should be especially large and visible in situations where they may not be wearing their usual uniform and accountability is especially important, such as public order situations

it should be a criminal offence for police not to display these

Why is this idea important?

police officers have huge powers and therefore great responsibility, they must accountable for their acctions at all times, and as individuals.

they should also have names and not just numbers – numbers are difficult to remember on their own but a name as well helps people to remember more accurately. also police are people, not numbers and the ability of the public to interact with them as named people rather than faceless parts of machine can only help in the relationship between police and public

One Reply to “police officers should have large, highly visible numbers and names on their uniform at ALL times”

  1. Don’t be ridiculous.

    The current system of shoulder numbers works perfectly well.

    There is no great conspiracy, only media sensationalism.

    Why do you need the officers name? A shoulder number is how the officer is identified to his/her force and thus is the easiest way to hold them accountable.

    ‘A criminal offence not to wear the numbers’. Not likely until the day when all subjects must present ID cards to police on pain of summary conviction.

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