Lets put an end to these macho, gung – ho, SAS wannabe’s wearing their black military gear, bursting into domestic properties, screaming “ON THE FLOOR!!!, ON THE FLOOR!!!” etc., getting all hyped up like sharks in a feeding frenzy, feeling really brave  – when all they’re confronted by is some pathetic, sleep-weary bag-head with less meat on his bones than on a butcher’s apron and who’s repeatedly trying to tell them he’ll gladly do as he’s told…

They scream orders at the hapless sod from every direction, along with questions they don’t give him time to answer, until eventually you end up asking: “Was there really any need for all that?”  We’re supposed to be rooting for the ‘good guys.' It’s hard to tell who’s who, these days.

Couldn’t it be scaled down, and replaced with a quiet arrest, when the suspect was off guard? Do you really NEED 15 big 'brave' coppers in riot gear – to arrest one man? 

I’m not saying go soft on crime – but these guys are bloody dangerous. Next thing you know, they’ve got a gun in their mits, and you’ve got another Jean Charles de Menezes in the news.

 Drop the SAS tactics; bring back more traditional style policing.

Why is this idea important?

I believe it would help the image of the police (And God knows, they need all the help they can get on that score just at the moment) 

One of these power-crazy sods will have just completed his first 24 hours in jail. He won’t be doing any screaming any more – at least not in that way.

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