I agree with alot of what has been said about the legalisation of drugs, but not the manner in which people think it should be sold.  The Netherlands does actually have drug related crimes/helath problems.  I think the Police should sell drugs – they already confiscate it from the vicious drug gangs so have a healthy supply.  People could register with their local cop shop, get a quick health check, informed of the risks, and then given the choice to buy what they want.  The Police can refuse a sell based on a person's health or age, and of course, keep records of how much people are using.  This way people get to buy good clean drugs from a safe environment, the police get to make extra revenue.  Each police station can then decide wether to use the extra income to recruit officers/improve training programmes/improve their working conditions/salaries/equipment, the possibilities are numerous.    

Why is this idea important?

Drug dealers can't compete with the police and so are out of business, better policing based on the needs of individual communities serve the people instead of the government.  EVERYBODY'S HAPPY!

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