Police initial training should be managed within the UK university system and should be at various levels up to degree level. No prospective applicant to the UK police service should be considered until they have successfully passed a course. The training should be funded on the same basis as University Courses and loans for training should be repaid over their service. Detective Candidates should be direct entry following separate training as should other distinct police disciplines. Transfers between disciplines should be possible but officers should fund their own training either directly or on a loan as initial training. The entire current police training role should be managed by the University and adult education system. 

Why is this idea important?

This would make cost and staff savings from the overall police budget, assist University funding, make policing more representative of the community, professionalise police qualifications and make the curriculum wider. There is currently significant waste in the system as Trained officers are used for training, there is a separate curriculum,  HR and finance regime. Officers are provided with uniforms, accommodation, food and paid a full wage. Even if trainee officer candidates were provided a 'bursary' wage there would be significant cost benefits. 

The Detective role is different to other policing roles and should be trained from day 1 as currently a large amount of officer time is lost in developing those skills in service and often with officers who have insufficient basic competences.

Overall, there are cost benefits as well as benefits in developing higher skill sets for officers and reducing bureaucracy.

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