Due to a lack of clarity in current legislation, Police Airwave Terminals which have both radio and telephone capability are NOT excempt from current mobile telephone legislation.

This means that Police officers are not allowed to use their radio's to communicate to the control room whilst the vehicle is in motion.

Some vehicles are fitted with hands free kits etc but these are expensive and not in all vehicles. Hence Emergency Police business can not be conducted when an officer is unable to use their personal radio.

Why is this idea important?

Common sense suggests that Police Officers should be able (with care) to use their radio's even if there vehicle is in motion. Old Police radios that did not have a telephony function were excempt from this rule but with the introduction of Airwave, officers fell victim to the law and were often threatened with discipline if they floughted the rule.

The general public would find this rule absurd and understand the need for officers to be able to use their radios whenever required.

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