Policing has become more militaristic over the last government's tenure and has forgotten that it is a Police Service and not a Police Force.

The Service needs to be more accountable to the local people and Councils and not Central Government.  Our Precept includes a large sum for the Police and yet we have no say in what is done nor is there any local accountability. 

We rarely see a Police presence in the Village as they are all in the City.

The Police should be accountable to the community they serve and which pays their wages.


Why is this idea important?

Under the previous government the Chief Constable asked if the Village would like to fund its own Policeman –  who would not be located in the Village but who would be placed wherever the Chief Constable deemed most appropriate. 

I'm sure you can guess the response.

The Chief Constable is not my master but my servant.  Can we please redress the situation.

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