I'm sorry everyone but I thought this was a brilliant idea.

Any one over the age of 18 should pay into the collective pot.

If you have Police, Ambulance service, Fire brigade, hospitals, refuse collection, street cleaning, libraries, street lighting etc etc surely everyone who enjoys the benefits of these should contribute.

The idea of  council tax (was rates) based on property where 10 people could live paying the same as a house where 2 people live is ludicrous and arcane.

Also the idea of someone driving round looking at the outside of property and deciding what value council tax should be levied is idiotic. I used to live in an enourmous house on 6 floors but was only charged a 'C' band because only 3 floors were visible from the street.

Obviously there would be exceptions as now with single occupation, disabled or students etc, but surely a fixed fee of say £2 per day – £14 a week  (£728 per person per year) is much fairer than 10 people paying towards an amount of say £2000.00 pa .

And why are inmates of HM prisons exempt? and visiting diplomats – I'm sure if they were in a fire or being petrol bombed they'd be be quite pleased to see a fireman, bobby or paramedic.

Also the Directgov website tells us all how to pay, where, discounts, reductions, etc but when I searched for "What should I get for my money?" – nothing manifested itself.


Why is this idea important?

A  fairer spread of necessary levies.

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