Undo positive discrimination in government thinking.

Why is this idea important?

Discrimination is discrimination; it is always unfair.

I understand and accept that for minority groups, positive discrimination is often a factor employed to help balance and redress inequalities in society.

However, morally speaking, discrimination is a repugnant concept that should have no place in government policy.

There should be better ways of assisting minority groups than this, for example, ensuring that all British people are given the same standards and opportunities to education and services.

One Reply to “Positive Discrimination”

  1. Discrimination is Discrimination.There is not such as thing as positive or negative discrimination. There only is devasting effect of discrimination on families, single mothers or parents or minority groups such as blacks, asians or other ethnic groups with limited command of English.
    I am a European citizen whomoved to England 14 years ago. I was already qualified when I came in England. While people were laughing and mockering at me, I was jumping different hoops and loops to survive. First, I went back to collegue to learn English. Second, I secured a Teaching position. While in my teaching position, I was bullied and discriminated against from White colleagues.
    It am feeling very abused and devasted to constant harrassment, lack of support from both my collegues and the Head of my schools. I had my car damage and car accident as I could not cope from pression.
    David Cameroun and his best mate are talking about Big society but he forget to mentionned excluding Black and asian children and Black or Asian Teachers.
    It looks like in UK only White Teachers can teach our children even in area where the majority of the population is from ethnic groups. I think England needs to learn from other countries especially in term of the way Teachers have been recruited in schools. I think no Headteachers should have the authority and power to appoint any Teacher. It should be an independent panels of specialist Teachers who should recruit all the Teachers. Headteachers need to focus more on managing the building, staff issues such as discrimination, behaviour and so on…and send quickly a list of vacancy available in their school to local authorities for recruitment. Putting such a power in the hand of Headteachers created the level of discrimination we are seeing today. Also, there should be a separation between schools and religions. Religion is a private and individual matters and should have a place in any school setting. If schools have teachers from different backgrounds, it could only be a positive thing for the children otherwise everybody should be White or Black or Asian. It is time for England to accept that we are living in a multicultural society and it cannot be gouverned by only a group of people
    known as elite class.
    England, you should be ashammed of your politic of positive and active discriminations.

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