There is a lot of concern on the part of residential landlords about Local Authority official’s powers of entry to residential accommodation. In appropriate cases they already have powers to enter without notice e.g. to investigate possible crimes. However in other cases they have to give proper notice including notice to the landlord that they intend to enter. Landlords should be made aware of when their property is being entered by Local Authority officials. Local Authorities at the moment try to get around this requirement by getting the permission from an occupier and relying on this. Sometime however the occupier may only be one of the occupiers in the property and may only occupy part of it. Where notice is required to enter Local Authorities should no longer be allowed to sidestep this by relying on tenants supposed permission/invitations to enter. If they go to see a tenant by invitation of the tenant it should simply be to talk to the tenant and not to formally inspect the property. They should have to go through the proper procedures to carry out an inspection/survey of the property.

Why is this idea important?

This will improve civil rights and restrict access to private accommodation.

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