There are certain sections within this act that are so harsh they have to surely be Repealed.


Since this act was introduced in 2000 it gave the Police powers to sieze anyones vehicles even if they were only a suspect in a crime the car is not released until the officer making enquiries says the poor suspect can have it back "it's wrong" and should be repealed where's the innocent till prooven guilty here? Then they use a private recovery firm to sieze the vehicle at a cost of £150 to the suspect to get their vehicle returned. No charges are ever brought so in essence a person has already received punishment from the Police with the humiliation the inconvenience caused and a hit in the wallet area and that's Justice?? Without being convicted of ever any wrong doing.


They use these kind of methods in N Korea where the state rules all are we going down that route too i ask you?


If an individual is suspected of wrong doing then arrest them i agree there but to seize peoples vehicles is a whole abuse of our civil rights and human too and is a worrying what comes after this mindset.


Another part of this disturbing Act is that if a defendant is convicted of say of  theft the court dealing withthe issue has the powers to Ban the person from driving now i ask you Coalition Goverment what the bloody hell does a theft have to do with driving?????


Driving punishments are for driving offences this bit of the Act beggers belief it's like saying a person gets a parking ticket and a Ban too neither have any connection with each other or relevance so this should be repealed ASAP.




Why is this idea important?

Because it stops rogue Officers from using this piece of Legislation as an exscuse to bugger people without ever being charged of a crime and the courts to sentence according to an offence of the nature of the crime of a defendant .


The phrase punishment reflects the crime so if your never ever convicted the Police can still take your vehicle anyway and the courts can pass a sentence completely different to crime of the accused.

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