Often a planning application will be submitted to local council planning departments and published generating hundreds of objections. These objections may be completely valid to the application and will put severe pressure on the council to reject the plans.

The developer can then withdraw their application, wait a short time, and resubmit their plans (maybe adding some minor changes to justify themselves) and the application is re-posted with a different application number.

This then means all of the previously submitted objections have now disappeared and the developer has a clean slate for effectively the same plan. This forces objectors to re-object. Do this enough and it is likely the amount of objections will be reduced substantially.

There appears to be no limits on this behaviour at present and it is a loophole that entirely benefits a developer and nobody else. I believe this loophole must be closed.

Why is this idea important?

It is unfair for people who object to an application to have to continually repeat these objections for the same (or a very similar) development.

It is unfair on planning officers at local councils who have to deal with repeated objections for the same sites. It wastes time and money.

It gives developers an easy wipe clean method for controversial developments.

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