It should be made unlawful for local authorities to gain access to an individuals bank account details to access their assets with out due consent from the individual, this would then prevent the possibility of identity freud by anyone working at the local authority. Only individuals and the baks themselves should have this access unless due permission is granted

Why is this idea important?

It closes the scope for any individual working in local authority from gaining access to personal banking details and thus prevents the very real threat of identity freud from such organisations that sometimes employ interns and students in their offices.

One Reply to “Prevent local councils from snooping into private bank accounts”

  1. Very good idea..the DWP did this to me and have made my life hell labelling me a thief. I was forced to sell my home because of circumstances and they are trying to say I wasn’t entitled to receive my sickness benefit because of proceeds from sale of house…whereas it is my intention to buy a new home when I am fit and able..they are trying to make me pay back £15000!

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