The drugs that psychiatrists routinely force on people are deeply harmful drugs. I have taken at least a dozen of them. I have a terrible permanent disabling movement disorder, the inability to sit still. My mind is permanently damaged, the thoughts coming too fast or too slow. My fine coordination has been damaged, making writing awkward. Also some of my bodily functions have been damaged. The drugs dull the mind, prevent thought. They inhibit movement and we express ourselves with movement. They have a profound negative effect on a person. I have suffered unbearable pain, inner restlessness and the muscles feeling as if they are trying to move. I have been unable to walk properly because of abnormal muscle tone, in my case these effects weren't permanent. These drugs, called antipsychotics, can cause diabetes and osteoperosis and are toxic to the heart. Their effects are illness and mental illness. The forced use of them needs to stop.

Why is this idea important?

We need to fight against psychiatry and the terrible harm it is doing. It ruins peoples lives time and time again. We like to think we are a country that values freedom. The mental health system and doctors in general woefully let us down. How can it be right to forcibly make someone suffer pain and disability, often for years and years? And to do so for supposed illnesses that haven't been proven to exist? A person becomes deluded because of stress and the person they are, their psychology. These factors can be addressed and the person helped. The prevailing view that delusions are caused by biochemistry and that this can be corrected is a mass delusion. It is belief not fact, and science is on the side of the sceptics. Redress this great unbalance, this great wrong. Fight for truth and justice.

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