My idea is to give a higher priority to those who are in employment when delivering NHS services.  The employed are the ones getting off their bottoms every day to earn the money and pay the taxes but the whole system of GP surgery hours etc is geared towards people who don't work.  My suggestion would be:

Make appointments from 7-9am for the employed only.  If you are unemployed you can go along but if anyone comes in who has a job you go to the back of the queue – you are not busy so the additional waiting time should not be a problem.

9am to 12am anyone welcome

12am to 5:30pm – closed for GP snoozing and to save cash

5:30pm -7pm – people with Jobs only (see above)

Services such as maternity appointments (scans etc) should be available to workers during the evening.  It costs us (and the government) money every time we have to take a day off to attend daytime appointments.  Save the daytime appointments for those not working and give some priority to those who contribute the most rather than the other way around.  

Businesses which provide private medical services will do so in the evening and at weekends, why? Because that's when the people who can pay for it demand the service – why can't it be the same for the NHS??

Also it would be helpful if you could register at a GP surgery that is near your work rather than having to register just at one near your home – I travel to work with my partner and if I have to attend the surgery it means she cannot get to work easily so it causes both of us disruption.

Wouldn't this also be an additional incentive to work (assuming a sense of self worth and pride isn't enough)? 

Why is this idea important?

If the workforce isn't looked after then we can't pay the taxes so how about some VIP backstage passes to the NHS??

For too long we have geared delivery of certain services to make them more and more difficult to access for those who contribute the most and easier and easier for those who contribute the least.  If you don't work then you should get a lower priority for GP appointments at certain times.  Yes its a two tier system but why not have one?  I get sick and tired of working my ass off all year and the one or two days I am afforded the luxury of being slightly ill I have to take a day off to get an appointment or wait a week for an early morning or evening one.  

I believe its important to give priority to people and families who work hard for a better life.

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