Prisoners seem to get off far too easily in the modern system.  I belive there should be a 2-stage approach to prison, stage 1 is punishment (say 75% of the term), stage 2 is rehab (say 25% of the term).

At present criminals don't receive the punishment section!!  If they don't get off completely, they get reduced term sentences; all whilst the victim / victims family still suffer the grief.  Criminals should pay for their actions.  All assets (subject to it not affecting any dependents) should be seized by the state, sold and the money paid to the victim and paid towards their stay in prison.

Prisons should operate a work system whereby dependent on the prisoners classing (low / medium / high security) they should be required to tend to there own crops for a portion of the food they eat, work on local farms, work in chain gangs, work for the community picking up litter, we could even re-open and get them working down the coal mines!!  Things that could earn the prison as a whole money, money that can be used to pay for it's running costs.  Why should the taxpayer be forced to fund some low-life child rapist? Why should the taxpayer pay for that said rapist to have a satelite tv, a pool table, brand new gym equipment and 'excercise time', state of the art facilities etc.  These are criminals and should be punished for what they have done.

Once the punishment sentence is over, the rehabilitation process can begin.  This last 25% of their term in prison can be used to teach them, GCSE's, Diploma's, Trades etc. This can give them some self-respect and through this community respect.

Why is this idea important?

  • Prisons are too 'cushy'
  • Prisoners get off to easily with no real justice for the victim.
  • The Justice system at present centres on rehabilitation and not enough on punishment.
  • Taxpayers have to fund these criminals.

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