I think it would be very fair for anyone who is sent to prison to pay for their food and accommodation. This could be administered in the same way as student loans.


For example, if a person is sent to prison for 6 months, his punishment is being deprived of his freedom for that period. Why should tax payers pay for that persons keep whist in prison? The cost of ones ‘board and lodgings’ should be paid for by the prisoner and if funds are not available, then the monies would be lent to that person in a form of a loan. The loan would then be paid back either by money or community service after the prison term has ended.

Why is this idea important?


To keep someone in prison is very expensive and the cost can be split into two parts.

The first part is the cost of providing the security of keeping someone incarcerated and this cost is paid by the state.

The second part is the prisoners living costs. Everyone has a living cost whether they are at home, on holiday or in prison, that is the simple cost of ‘board and lodgings’.

By making a prisoner pay back their board and lodgings would save tax payers money and would be a further deterrent for offenders.

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  1. Great Idea.
    One thought, what about prisoners in for a life term? Capital punishment for those who are guilty without a doubt?

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