Instead of not imprisioning criminals because of overcrowding, why don't foreign nationals in our prisons be sent to serve their sentences in their home countries.  They are then not allowed back into this country.  This would free up more than 50% of space for our home-grown criminals.  As far as I am concerned as soon as they committed a crime in this country they were no longer welcome and infringed the human rights of the law abiding people.


Make prisons something to be avoided, instead of a holiday camp where they can play games and watch TV and use modern technology that many law abiding citizens cannot afford.  Surely they should be made to do some worthwhile job to pay for their board and lodging . 

Why is this idea important?

Prisons are over crowded and we don't want criminals running about re-offending because of lack of space and no money or land for new prisons.

Prisons in this country are too soft which is why some foreign people have been known to commit crimes so they will have a roof, 3 meals a day and access to education which they would otherside have to pay for.  If they commit a crime they should be deported with no appeal.

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