The UK pension system has gone under a number of different reforms but has never addressed the increasing needs of the citizen within the UK and more so in these very challenging times, where our money is at risk to be sure and in many many cases worth nothing more or less than what we have paid into.


I am 45 and have paid a significant amount of money into a private pension over the last 20 years, whereby I can’t really access it properly due to FSA regulations other than attempt to put it into a SIP style fund, which is just as risky as keeping it  with the insurance companies who are in reality no better than the banks when it comes to governance and integrity.


I would like to see it mandated by Government, irrespective to arrangement, that a UK citizen investing in a UK Private Pension Fund is wholly free to release these moneys and make investment into other areas of their free choice i.e. I would like to pay off my mortgage with what is in my fund before the rates start to climb as they almost certainly will or the insurance company goes under, which will almost certainly happen.


Now this should be allowed to progress without the need for each individual to go through independent financial advisors who want a fee and or layer upon layer of paper work to complete “lets make this simple for once”.


Lets face it there is no trust in the financial markets, not now and I doubt if there ever will be again in this country.


I have seen my own fund sit at 20% less of what I have paid into it due to poor business standards and I am told it’s not the insurance companies fault it’s the markets. Well there you go eh, not their fault…. 


So anyway, lets get policy set here, whereby the UK citizen working hard to earn a living, working hard to bring their kids up proper, working hard to remain in the UK and working hard for their retirement to be given the choice now before it’s too late,  "to gain access to their own destiny", as it’s certainly not in the current financial markets of this country.


As a plus point, letting people as a minimum release cash from their private pensions to sink into their own property (not second homes) will have a significant impact on the market and will send a wealth on money through the system across all sectors.


There are no real negatives other than greedy irresponsible insurance companies being held responsible before it’s too late and tell me if that really is a negative.

Why is this idea important?

I think my idea is important as millions of good citizens across this fine country have their destiny locked into irresponsibility and in this climate it appears irresponsibility is rewarded with big bonus.


Therefore and for the greater good, give the people of this country access to their money to invest into something they can better control.


Stick a minimum tax on the release of this cash and put it towards our countries deficit but don’t let the greedy financial institutes of this county continue to drag us down and under as that is exactly what will happen here.


In reality we could go on all night re the benefits so lets just charge on and make this policy happen please and without having to create yet another costly government body to think about it, write about it and never make it happen.


Make it happen for once “GOVERN”

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