We do not have or want newspapers run by the government or funded by taxation (the licence fee).  There is no reason why other media, radio and television, should be any different.  The BBC should be privatised, for example by giving all current licence fee payers shares in the company.  

Why is this idea important?

It used to be argued that a broadcasting authority that was independent of any commercial interest would act as the guardian of truth and rectitude.   This argument was never strong and has become increasingly hollow.   What is true is that the absence of any financial constraint gives the BBC carte blanche to broadcast whatever it likes and to employ, if it chooses, people of the 'correct' bien pensant mindset.

 I have to pay, but watch very little of the BBC output.   There may be other people out there who love to watch over-paid news readers and political pundits, foul-mouthed overrated 'comics', cookery programmes and the rest.   If so, they can pay to view, just as I have to pay to view programmes that are  to my taste.

  The BBC is not a national treasure, it does not deserve to be protected.   Let us set it free and remove from ourselves a financial burden.

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