Go ahead and privatise the Met Office: it might stop them banging on about 'Climate change' as if it's a foregone conclusion.

Hang on – I'll just have a look…

Wait…. they already have! It's 'Climate Science' Now.. All very different from just a few months ago. It was all cut and dried then; anyone who disagreed was likened to a member of the Flat Earth Society. Now, they're using phrases like :

"Because we can’t know the future for certain, our climate change scientists use computer-based climate models to project plausible scenarios, or projections, for coming centuries. It is important to be aware that projections from climate models are always subject to uncertainty because of limitations on our knowledge of how the climate system works and on the computing resources available. Different climate models can give different projections…."

"Despite the uncertainties, all models show that the Earth will warm in the next century"…

NEXT CENTURY…. pretty safe bet that – it could be ANY time in the next century. It could be by ANY amount.

Uncertanties – What uncertainties? When New Labour was in power, global warming, caused by CO2 emissions, was presented as FACT! (And of course, provided bags and bags of possibilties for 'Green Taxes' – for those green enough to swallow it.)

So – what's changed, in 6 months? The climate? Not really – typical British Summer.

Or could it be the change of government, a chance that their funding may be in danger, and having to face the possibility of life in the real world? 

But wait… What's this? 'Global Dimming?'

Caused by…. pulling the wool over our eyes?  No – aerosols actually. Haven't we been here before?

Why is this idea important?

They hardly ever get it right, save for 24 hours in advance – despite all their technology,  they're not much more accurate now than 50 years ago.

They predicted a 'Barbecue Summer' in 2009 ….wrong!

 They predicted an 'Arctic' Winter in 2005-2006 ….wrong!

Winters – generally, were going to become milder (after they got it wrong in 2005)…wrong!

They're a waste of public money!


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