We are one of only 4 remaining countries in the world which do not have a codified constitution. (Including San Marino, New Zealand and Israel)

A codified constitution is a single document, containing the rights of every individual person, enshrined in law and transcending statute law, making it very difficult for a government to remove our civil liberties and allowing us to live with a clearer knowledge of our exact rights. This document would provide the limits of the government on what it can and cant do to us and help prevent the abuse of laws.

This would enable us in the future to challenge any laws which may infringe upon our civil liberties as they contravene an article of the constitution, meaning our rights would be clear, outlined and they could not be taken away from us in the blink of an eye.

Currently our constitution is uncodified, meaning in order to find out what your rights are, you need to look up previous test cases, there are no real core values or documents containing clear and consise details of the rights of the people in this country, the powers of the government or any iron-clad document with which to challenge controversial laws or with which to strengthen existing ones.

Why is this idea important?

The average person isnt going to go looking through historical cases for ambiguities when a constitution would enable people to realise when their own civil liberties are infringed more easily if they had a clear idea of exactly what they are entitled to in the way of freedoms.

If we had a codified constitution, the clarity, brevity and ease by which people could question the behaviours of others, businesses and of the government would be more easily recognisable and contraventions or infringements could be brought to light much more rapidly and corrected.

I believe this would not only encourage people to take an interest in their own rights and how new laws affect them by enabling them to easily reference a codified contitution, it would actually improve the country we live in as a fairer place to live, as people could more easily and confidently live their lives and make their own decisions on their own actions when in a position to do so where they may be a legal grey area with an uncodified constitution.

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