We seem to  sacrifice professionalism for greed and take the quick gain at the expence of long term goals, It is often in the design detail we manage to fail in so many things,  this then makes the final product , be it a hospital, road, public buildings, subways , pavements . etc , very difficult to maintain to a high standard during its lifetime, This is sometimes the fault of the designer but often the fault of the purchaser or specifier,and changing of specs as the project develops,This is the total lack of professional cmpetance and it is this area that needs to be tightened.

Openess and transparancy of accounts on public works with penalties on both side for change of plans and cost overuns.

All in the chain from planning to final handover  should be held to account and when a project finished the builders should be held to account for a period afterwards by with holding some payments to sort out snags and longer term problems.

Competant Quality control is often not on site and is bribed to ignore certain problems to maintain schedule , so accountability at this stage is vital so that the public purse is not invaded yet again at a later date to sort the problems out.

Contracts that are awared for civil works should all be available on line for all to see , so as to make sure that there is no clauses for backhanders , in various forms to the civil servants purchasing the contracts. Like new 4*4s for site visits etc. Also to make sure that the suppliers are all approved and can supply the correct materials of the right specification and at a competive price .

Why is this idea important?

Higher technical and professional skills.

Higher respect by civil servants to provide value for money, for services supplied.

Lower downtime.

Reduced fraud , which is so high among the public sector.

Proper training of managers and administrators in time and money mangement  with penalties of non performance over long term goals.


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