Prohibition doesn't work!! – Regulate cannabis!!

we need solid regulation on cannabis and that doesn't mean regulate it strictly and only make cannabis available that has 3% THC as this or similar would just drive it back to the black market and dealers would be back selling to kids, NO!!, proper regulation is the answer! just like tobacco and alcohol is now!! plus the dealers would be no more,the police could actually catch real criminals and be supported by more people instead of wasting time and money on small busts that net 8 plants etc..

Plus the financial gains to be made from the legal sale of cannabis for our country is huge and could contribute to cutting our massive debt that is currently choking our precious country!

Prohibition is not working and does not work at all, it's been tried and tested for years and years now but the result ends up the same, people know the effects of cannabis and they know its not even close to being half as bad as cigarettes and alcohol despite what the government may think or say,and might i add that this view comes from the government not listening to professionals and the people when they state the true facts, you will see the peoples view on this in the reflection of votes when the time comes, people just need that chance to honestly give there opinions without ridicule from authority's or anyone else.
The government should have regulated this a long time ago, they just won't listen to reason, well maybe now they will? but i won't hold my breath!

Thank you to nick clegg for creating this site so that we the people can have our say, i just hope it gets read and not ignored as do many.
There's plenty more to say about this subject but I'll leave that for others with more knowledge to add….

Thanks for reading!

Why is this idea important?

This idea is very important because through talking to people for a long time and having deep discussions on the subject of cannabis being regulated i have found this idea is not just mine alone but that of the people of great Britain and actually right across the world, it is important because it's not right to criminalize innocent people for doing something that does no harm to anyone and actually has genuine medical benefit. it has been a very big issue for the people for tens of years and is totally unfair to everyone involved, let's remember its just a plant.

This issue needs addressing A.S.A.P

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