it has always been clear to me that i should be invovled in the local community and i did this in 2007 when i became a parish councillor for hoby in leicestershire. what i did not understand until 2009 was that the amount of red tape involved with this role and no more so was this in evidance that when responding to planning applications, oviously there needs to be some control over what parish councils can and can not do, but when a local parish council see's that a planning application is not in the best inertrests of the village or community in question that parish council should be able to more effectively block plans that do not fit in with the area. the main problem with the current system is that there is far to much (prescribed) policy in referance to local plans or stratigy. a forward step would be to give parish councils more powers to control planning in there communities without the need to refer back to the main local planning body and for local planning bodies to have a legislative right for them to look at the local plan of a community and for it not to be ignored. on the second part referance powers, at present parish councils have a wide ranging set of powers to control some local amenities this is good but i do feel that a local govenment bill should be brought forward to; 1. give more powers in respect to planning to local parishes; 2. to repeal such legislation in respect to a higher planning body having an over rule on small planning matters such as extentions to houses and the protection of green belt which in most cases can be compleated and undertaken by the parish council its self; 3 and finally the repeal of the parish councils (power to promote well being act) and replace with rights to all parish councils without assesment of those powers repealed in the above act, this would give parish councils more effect within there communities and it would also be a good idea to allow parishes to keep more of the money that has been precepted by the local district/county or unitery council as this would also give communities more influance in there area this idea could also work in non parished areas such as leicester, nottingham and derby so as to allow those communities to do more for there area.     

Why is this idea important?

my idea is important as community life means alot to me and being ivolved with a parish council in a rural area, yet being brought up in a city gives me some idea of what cities need and rural areas need it would be a good thing for cities like leicester, nottingham and derby to get parished areas with real powers to hold the district or city council to account, rural parishes are going through the same thing after years of changing rules regulations and policy that in most cases is not relivant to local communities or towns and cities other than to hold back the will of the community by the pure fact that some quango thinks an idea would work for a community even if the community has not been consulted about it, the council policy makers that love telling us what we can and can not do, the county council that set policy yet dose not take account of parish plans, the council that takes money at ever increaseing rates and gives you nothing for it and then charges you more when you put up your parish precept even those it makes up less than 0.5% of the total tax take of this standard band D area roughly £1400 from each house hold yet parish councils like mine and other in the area only get less than 1% of the total tax take thus leaving us with no money to improve or remove street lights, repair pavments and foot paths by our selfs do things for the community due to tight fisted councils who are unwilling to give powers to real people.

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