Incapacity benefit should be purely based on you GP and consultants evidence.

I have a number of physical illnesses that have left me disabled, but I dream of the day I can return to work. Despite having numerous written documents, MRI scans and various other scans and tests I had terrible trouble getting benefits. I refuse to use crutches or supports outside my home I simply stay in until I am well enough to go out which is not often. Unfortunately the benefit application forms go on what supports you use and how well you can tell your tale of woe. This is the reason there are so many fraudulent claims. How many people on an average day do you see taking their crutches or walking sticks for a walk like Charlie Chaplin? in my town there are many. unfortuneately the so so called medical examiners for the DWP also go by this ridiculous assumption, I was even shouted at for being able to carry out a simple numeracy test by one – I am educated to post graduate level, I have rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, ehlers danlos syndrome and fibromyalgia – I'm not thick, I'm ill.

Why is this idea important?

If the qualifying criteria changes then it will filter out a huge number of cheats – only accept professional evidence from medical experts not the claimant or DWP 'experts'

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  1. Dear sir, I have been on disability since 2006 with severe heart problems.
    Kust recently On two occasions I have been refused access to toilets and stadiums because I never had any I.D. I would like to know if I could get one and were from. How much, and could you send me a letter of proof of eligitability.

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