I propose that as educated adults we should be given the liberty to choose what we want to put into our bodies. As opposed to the Hypocrisy of the current drugs laws(where one is only permitted to consume alcohol and tobacco), I propose that the role of the state be of education,harm minimisation and regulation. Prohibition achieves nothing other than letting criminal gangs gain huge profits and be in control of the prohibited substances. Instead of ploughing millions of pounds into battling the criminal gangs who trade in these substances we should instead put this money into education, allowing people to become fully informed as to the dangers of substance use and abuse. The state should thus regulate the substances, ensuring they are as safe as can be to consume(many dangers of substance use result from the drug being illegal/contaminated) and the billions of pounds of tax generated can be put into education and the healthcare system;the latter in order to ensure that the minority of drug users who have problems with their use are given full support and help with stopping.The police can direct all their attention to real criminals rather than wasting vital time on drug users. Furthermore, the pressure on already overcrowded and costly prisons will be eased. Although there are multitude of benefits from regulating and controlling drug, at the heart of the issue is the fact that we own our own bodies and that how we treat our own body is an individuals right. The role of the government should not be to control what we do to our bodies but rather to educate, minimise harm and prevent people from harming others. 

Why is this idea important?

The idea that the state should control how we treat our own bodies is unjustified. Prohibition is not the most effective way to reduce the harm caused by drugs. The use of substances if unfortunately an undeniable part of human existence  and people will continue to take drugs regardless of whether it is permitted or not. Instead of spending millions driving the trade underground and creating a lucrative black market, instead the focus should be on education(warning people about the dangers and how to use safely) and healthcare for those who need help. Driving drugs underground creates substances of which the strength is unknown and which are often contaminated(the majority of deaths from mdma are caused by contaminated pills and ignorant/unsafe use eg. dehydration rather than direct overdose from the substance). The trade in drugs is the main income for criminal gangs and allows them to grow and have funding for other dangerous activities in some cases turning entire countries into a war zone(Mexico). The most important argument however is that the state has no right to dictate how we treat our own bodies. 

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