would it help to legalise prostitution? pimps groom children from under the noses of the children's homes then the young woman has no friendship group save for that which she works in for fear of the pimp.

Women who choose to go into prostitution are a different category but still under threat.

Young  and vunerable people do not stand a chance when the drug barons and pimps pull the strings and they are very crafty at winning the hearts of these needy and  shaky  young ones.

This surely would address a few problems at once..the drugs..no access if legalised; the illegal earnings of pimps; no access if legalised and  more importantly the safety  and health of young under age victims; prevention of prostitution occuring due to the inclusion of very carefully monitored places where consenting adults are registered and carefully counselled maybe one day the need for them will diminish and we can all learn to love one another as we were taught to do by our father God

Why is this idea important?

Society is best when people feel safe and then we can build a good community and the young ones grow and learn good ways. 

We have a need to belong in our community but if we are too afraid all we have is isolation and the criminals have a greater opportunity to abuse our souls.

Violence and abuse happens when people no longer understand one another and respect breaks down. Our father God taught us to love one another and our neighbours as ourselves..how can we do this when we are afraid to go out? Afraid of each other?

Old and young need to have a chance to understand each other; good work is done through projects in schools and in the community to address this need.

Most people know what is bad and what is good; criminal activity needs reducing before we can build more bridges ..I believe in useful activity for offenders and re-habilitation but not in the high risk categories of offenders their place for rehabilitation needs to be in a secure place with support going in to the prison. There are no quick solutions but I hope these ideas show the mindset of mid to late fifties person who is concerned about young people.

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