Decriminalise most prostitution. Allow licensed, regulated premises to operate a service. This would remove much of the incentive for the current sex-worker slave trade. It would provide prostitutes and their clients with a measure of protection and, since the whole service would be legal, it would provide revenue in the form of taxes.

In order to protect prostitutes, their clients and the general public I'd make it illegal to offer and use the service outside licensed premises.

Why is this idea important?

It would help to stamp out the awful trade in young girls and women (and quite possibly boys/young men) for the sex industry. It would put the whole service on a legal footing. It would protect prostitutes and their clients both in terms of their health (the premises and workers would be screened to help restrict the spread of STDs) and their physical safety (far less danger of punters being mugged and considerably less danger of the prostitutes being beaten up or worse.

It would also help protect communities from the impact of kerb-crawlers looking for sex in known "red-light" areas.

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