Firstly i would like to say what a brilliant idea that people can easily put their ideas forward good or bad to the Govenment best thing that has happened in a long time,

I am not going to name any names but when a large international company opens near you they can and do sell items at a loss until you go out of business, just because they can afford to do it, the number of retail shops has been steadily declining because of the predatory way that some of these businesses operate, the small independents have no chance it does not matter how efficient they are. If things carry on the way they are at the moment i can see a time in the future when their will be very few High St shops left just as there are hardly any corner shops left today, just look at some towns in the USA that have become ghost because of the power of the same big stores.

I think that is a bank is too big to fail and government is willing to do something about it, then large companies with a predatory attitude and business practices that can put hundreds of other business out of business and just by coming to your area can reduce property prices and deter people from having a go, are equally if not more damaging to the economy, i think they are more damaging because it sneaks up on you then all of the sudden you realise half the shops have closed and by then it’s too late.

If were not careful we may all end up applying for jobs stacking shelves or telesales.

There should be some way of ensuring there is fair competition, with some kind of rules that protect small business
I have come across many examples but just to give you a few,

1: a big international company made a loss of £60000 by selling under cost on just one order, they made two other long established companies to go out of business, and then they started selling at the normal price again

2: the same big company buys a product for £8 by my calculations just because they are high volume retailer; we pay £70 for same product

3: a big online company openly sells OEM software to retail customers, without hardware which is against the licence agreement, as a small business if we were to do the same we would be breaking the licence agreement and would be open to prosecution and big fines, one rule for big business another rule for small business not fair.

Dont be sleeping on the job like the last lot was as manufacturing was leaving the country and they did nothing to find out why or do anything about it

Why is this idea important?

its not really an idea, its just a request that government recognise that just as manufacturing has mainly gone abroad right under our very noses, dont let big business destroy small business with unfair business practices, I have being running a small business for 10 years and i know we will not last the year once the new Tesco store opens near us.

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