While this Act was brought in with the best of intentions it has been abused and twisted to such an extent that the Police are forced in to dealing with numerous situations where previously they would have said that it was a civil matter.

The most telling misjudgement with this Act was when it was presented to parliament as a Bill.  Part of the requirement of a Bill is that it has to give an assessment of its financial impact.  The Bill asserted that it was expected that there would be no more than around 200 prosecutions/cases per year.  If the Bill/Act was only to be used for dealing with offences of 'stalking' which is how it originated then this might have been valid but due to its loose wording and subsequent misuse it has become a major drain on police resources

Why is this idea important?

It will stop the police (ie. the state) becoming involved in civil matters and will free them up to deal with true criminal offences.

It also has to be asked why existing laws are unable to deal with situations of 'stalking'.

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