I concur with the idea submitted by "nrs" in July 2010 "that the electoral register should be completely and universally removed from access by any third party"

Additionally this should be prohobited from all third parties irrespective of monetary gain in any capacity whatsoever.

I have discovered that 192.com have been selling my address to anyone who will pay despite the fact that I opted out in 2003. They are happy to work with old data. An opt out system is operated. When you don't know your in it, how can you know to opt out.

Furthermore I have now discovered that Experian and similar credit reference agencies are actively marketing the sale of individuals information on their web-sites. It appears to be a very profitable business for them.  United Utilities have passed my data to an insurance company and they have obtained my ex directory phone number from Experian.

With investigation I have discovered that local councils make as little as £300 for selling the register yet companies are potentially making thousands when they in turn sell it on to anyone who wants to buy it. This probably does not cover the cost of overheads for them being bound by law to supply it to would be purchasers. Who else is getting private information?

Despite having registered for the Telephone Preference Service and the Mailing Preference Service to protect my details, I have still had my address used fraudulently on two occasions and in both these instances, the Police did not want to get involved. I also receive numerous marketing calls and the companies calling refuse to give you their name and become rude and abusive if they don't cut you off first.

I believe it imperative that the law is repealed to help protect inividuals from identity theft and nuisance calls from marketing companies.

Why is this idea important?

To help protect against criminals and identity theft. To also protect privacy against hard sell and abusive marketing people.

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