Allow all Post Offices to provide the Car Tax service, thus giving real choice and convenience to those who want to pay for the Car Tax at a local Post Office. This reduces time spent and a greener way by avoiding the unnecessary travelling to adjacent towns to find a participating Post Office.

Why is this idea important?

Currently DVLA, being a client to Post office Ltd, only allow certain post offices to offer the Car Tax service.  The criteria is based upon geographical coverage and if you are living within what is deemed as easy access to a Post office offering the service then you have the choice to pay and receive your tax disc immediately at the Post office or as encouraged by the Government Adverts, the option to pay online.

However, if you live in a location with a Post Office unable to offer the service your choice is to travel to find a Post Office, at your expense, or use the online service.  The latter may not be your choice for reasons such as;

  • you want to pay by cash or cheque;
  • you don’t have Internet access;
  • you don’t have an appropriate payment card;
  • you don’t want to use your payment card over the Internet for personal reasons just as wanting to minimise your risk against fraud;
  • the online service doesn’t recognise you have just been issued with the appropriate insurance.

It may also be your choice to use your local Post Office, to show your support and you would not want to see the Office close as it is an important element of the local economy. It’s choice for the consumer!

Our Post Office is ideally located to offer the Car Tax service, and after acquiring 300 signatures of approval over a two week period (a week either side of the first day of the month) it was clear that there was a high demand for the service.  Without this service our customers have to travel 4 miles to the nearest Post Office, and because of high demand the queues at the end of the month are long. Clearly this does not offer a convenient service because of the limited outlets allowed to offer this service.  This in turn puts pressure on the Post Office outlet and is detrimental towards the network as a whole.

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