Children at present are given different ages as to when it is legal for them to carry out an action within society.  For example, there is a specific age limit to indulge in sexual activity, drive a car, purchase cigarettes and get married to name but a few.  If all the ages were the same to do any of these activities it would be easier for children to understand what they are able to do and what they are not.

I believe that we should repeal the law of allowing children so young to do some of these activities and raise the age limit to 18 for every activity. 

Why is this idea important?

I believe this idea is extremely important because at present children have extremely mixed messages as to what they are legally allowed to do.

Some children are unable to understand that whilst they can drive, they are unable to vote.  We need some consistency in these children's lives, no wonder the majority of them are extremely mixed up.

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