The workings of this "apparently" non-profit making organisation should be investigated and the laws under which they purport to operate should be abolished. A recent appraisal conducted by this limited company was carried out late, due to a backlog of work; the license it granted contained totally false information and applied a penalty for the late appraisal. Upon appeal, the false information was corrected, the penalty remained in place and the vendor had to pay the full, penalised amount.

Why is this idea important?

I have to question the legality and professional ability of such a company which appears to wield such an enormous amount of power and is answerable to no one other that itself. Especially when the appraisal I experienced was totally and utterly incorrect. Their attitude and reaction when it was questioned was – silence.

The fees it applies can be out of all proportion to the premises to which they are granted and small businesses, pubs, restaurant, hairdressers etc are suffereing because of them.

A pub eg, has to pay a license fee for having a TV installed, it then has to pay a fee (dependent upon floor space) to PRS for the privilege of its customers listening to advertisng jingles/music.

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