As the private sector has taken average 20% pay cut over last year and very little contribution to pension payments the public sector should also 'take a hit' in pay and benefits. That is the pensions, which are much better. Listen to any police, teacher or goverment worker that retired in the last 10 years or so that 'THEY NEVER HAD IT SO GOOD'. More money than they know what to do with, also being able to retire MUCH earlier than the 'general' private sector workers.

Why do police and the NHS employees 'sell' their services back to the public services after retireing at 50 or 55. Or in the NHS resigning and going 'private' or into agencies at very much inflated rates which then cost the police and NHS loads of money.

 They also get a INFLATION linked pension, what's that…..

Why is this idea important?

This will 'EVEN' out the pay against the 'work' done and balance the pension contributions against the ability to retire and earn index linked pensions. This will make a much more balanced society and enable the money to come into govenment be better spent therefore spent on social and enviromental services. That is what goes around comes around, do not waste the govenment money. What do we receive for the £21 million every day to the EU…..let alone anything else.

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