Whichever law allows  public service vehicles to activate their screaming blaring sirens at all hours of the night when there is no traffic about and their progress is not impeded? It,s the same at weekends and bank holidays when there is absolutely no need.Yesterday i saw an ambulance doing 75 mph on a motorway.Nobody in his way and a clear path ahead but still with his siren screaming away.Is it because over 60 pedestrians have been killed in the last 5 years? Mostly by Police who seem to want to appear on tv programmes that buy cctv camera film to make so called tv programmes for the "dumbed down" It seems a young joy rider has only to give a v sign to a police patrol car and they are off giving chase.Are they bored and want someting to do? I witnessed a car chase some months ago in Cheetham Hill Manchester one of the busiest ares of the city and how pedestrians were  not mown down was a miracle.The driver being chased didn't care but neither did the police.Even if they were chasing a convicted murderer the risk was not worth another life and I suspect my figure of 60 in 5 years is conservative.

Why is this idea important?

It would save lives.There are times when fire engines and ambulances(more than police) need their sirens mostly to warn traffic to move over but not in the dead of night or when the traffic is light and the public service vehicle has a clear unimpeded path ahead.Is it a case of common sense not being so common anymore?

Bernard Logan

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