On trains you are not allowed, ostensibly, to be served with any hot water without a  top on the cup or in your own flask ..encountered this for some yrs on East Coast mainline0 but always seemed to depend who you got!!??

Bought tickets for bus shuttle from Edinburgh Airport into town,  rtning just days after the "breath of fresh air" election and was hoping "freedoms " might have rtned a little. The officious staff then advised us we could not board with our hot costa coffee, ostensibly becoz it was hot and posed a dangerous risk to us and others??!! even tho' it did have a lid on it!! In the end we hid it , half drunk , in our haversack , when there was a change of staff and it spilled eveywhere!!

* We just wanted to get home , coz we took 4 days to get on hols with volcash at the start of our pre-booked hols (all public T known to humankind, self-organise and not re-imbursed) and had also been stranded in Agadir for 2 days with volcash round 2!!! at the end of hols…We are still tryin to get a few 100 gainst extra 2K we spent to get on hols and back 

Why is this idea important?

These regulations waste time and cause unnecessary stress and do not allow people to exercise their own judgement/ assessments of situations…leading to paralysis possibly when real sitautions require action. But also cause discomfort- re ability to drink and get hot drinks when you want without others deciding.

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