The current situation where a penknife with a locking blade is illegal whereas a folding knife isn't is ludicrous.  Folding penknives are dangerous and result in far too many injuries.  THe law should be changes to allow a person to also carry a penknife with a locking blade of no more than 3 inches, the same requirement as the folding penknife.

The current law criminalises innocent people like myself who garden, fish and do woodcraft activities with their sons who have routinely carried a locking penknife since their early teens, in my case for over 30 years.

I doubt the restriction has made a single knife-wielding thug change their weapon of choice to a folding knife with a blade under 3 inches.

Why is this idea important?

The current law criminlalises innocent, law-abiding people for no good reason and promotes the carrying of an unsafe penknife at the expense of safety, with no tangible deterrent to the criminal fraternity.

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