"What worries me about the way the government handles this – the government talks about it in terms of community cohesion and the assumption is that it is, in brackets, about dealing with Muslim extremism. Can you imagine any Muslim organisation wanting to take that on and that badge that goes with it? What a lot of it boils down to is just basic good community development without labelling it to any one religion, actually its about looking at the organisations that are serving their community and giving them the support they need, rather than trying to intervene."

Julia Goldsworthy MP, Liberal Democrat, Question Time October 2008

I agree with Julia – the PVE Legislation targets the Muslims and will cause more trouble in our communities then it's worth. The Muslim community have now got to understand the nefarious objectives of this worthless policy and have effectively boycott  it. This is not the way to collect information in the Muslim community and engage them in this deceptive manner.  The main objectives of understanding the Muslims and engaging them to determine likely terrorist threats are laudable, but PVE is not the way to do it.

Why is this idea important?

PVE is a horrendous slight on Liberty – it sets out to target children as young as 10 and hold their record throughout their life’s, it sets out to map the Muslim community by trying to offer ambassadors in the community, it is a very devious law from a bankrupt Labour Government who effectively had no idea how to handle the Muslim community.

The fears are legit and need to be addressed but this coalition government needs to do it in a way and manner that will encourage change and cooperation (from a community that is crying out to be engaged and prove that they have a few bad apples that need weeding out and want to help as they perceive the UK as their community).

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